PurePoint Golf Presents the First Ever Online Golf Instruction Apprentice Program...

New Golf Apprentice Program Promises to Significantly Lower Your Score... And you can
try it for just $1.

A personal message from Bobby Eldridge:

I’m only looking for a few golfers who truly want to improve.

Dear Fellow Golfer,

I've spent an entire year systemizing everything I know about the game so that you can shave strokes from home, from work, on the course, or just about anywhere. It’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I became a teaching pro - help you lower scores in an extremely convenient, actually more convenient than ever...way for you.

That’s why I’ve created my exclusive, new Apprentice Program and I’m inviting you to join.

With these online golf lessons I’ll show you step-by-step how to become the kind of golfer you want to be as my apprentice. It's personal online golf instruction, made so that you go at your own pace.

Sound good? Well, it gets even better.

I put too much work into it to give it away, but I honestly and deeply want to help you. So I’m going to give you the first month’s membership for only $1.

This way you can try out learning easier than ever before and see if it’s for you. And you only risk a buck to do it. If you’re the quick study I think you are, then…

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Q: How will this program help significantly lower your score?

With our online golf lessons it's easier than ever to learn from the office, home, on vacation, or anywhere, I still make sure you get tons of information. The key is that all of this info is extremely organized for you to follow and practice as you please - in whatever way that fits you best.

I’ve designed this program around small routines of:

  • Golf Swing Lessons - Teaching you the right way to swing the club for every part of the game.

  • Giving you drills to practice so the correct mechanics are burned into your brain….and into your swing.

  • Providing simple and easy-to-use checksheets to measure your progress.
    (For example, measuring and jotting down how far each club goes, especially in the short game.)

  • Talking you through any problems you may be having.

  • Sharing with you just about everything I know about the game.
  • Beginner stuff like how to use your equipment…why it was made the way it was…and how it was meant to hit the ball.

  • Intermediate info such as how to make solid impact with your chip shots to get the ball rolling toward the pin.

  • Advanced information. Learning how to draw and fade the ball at will, for example.

Every month we’ll concentrate on a specific part of the game.

The first month we’ll take up chipping. By the end of the month, you’ll know exactly how to chip the ball in every situation. You’ll be able to confidently put the ball close to the pin. I’ll get you there...

Are you seeing how this program will literally force you to become a better player? Then…

Click Here to Get Your Full First Month for Only $1

A limited offer

Limited, that is, to golfers who genuinely want to get better. We have only a certain number of slots available for the Apprenticeship Program and once the program gets underway, it will be too late to join. If you’re not serious about improving your game then please don’t apply.

I’ll do my part. But in reality I can only help people who seriously want to improve. If that’s you let’s get started.

Click Here to Get Your Full First Month for Only $1

Not quite ready yet? Then maybe I need to get into how my program goes about…

Overcoming the two biggest obstacles to better golf.

Sure, nobody wants to be a poor player. But usually two obstacles stand in the way of getting better. I worked with my partners at PurePoint Golf to develop a program that would overcome both of them.

#1. “I can’t afford lessons.”
Membership in my Apprentice Program is just $1 for the
first month and $14.97 a month after that!

#2. “I don’t have the time to practice.”
I give you a specific practice plan that can be done anywhere...
at your office, at home, at the range, or on the course.

Q: What is included in the Apprentice Program?

Here are some of the pieces that you’ll get as an apprentice:

...and don't forget, I have these pieces organized for you as an apprentice so it's very easy for you to follow. And you can listen and watch the pieces that I give you each week anytime from anywhere...at your own pace.

Step 1: DVD Clips

This is a great way to review the PurePoint videos if you already have them. And if you don’t, a way to learn the basic fundamentals shown on each video. For example, if we’re focusing on chipping, you’ll get chipping clips from the Short Game DVD. It’ll provide a great base for you so you can move on to a better game.

Step 2: Breakdown Sessions

We break down the chapters in-depth by utilizing screen shots of the actual video and new example photos to show you exactly how to complete that specific mechanic. You'll get these via online video. After you've studied the mechanics and implemented them on the range you're ready for some practice on your own.

Step 3: Practice Drills

I'm going to send you specific practice drills that help you complete and understand the topic of the DVD clips and breakdown sessions. These will help you understand what the correct method feels like. They'll also help “burn in” the correct mechanics into your swing. You'll get these via online video also.

Step 4: Teleseminars

Every month, we’ll get together for a teleseminar and discuss the topic of the month. We’ll talk about what that specific area of the game can do to improve your score. I’ll answer any questions you have on the subject and help you with specific situations. I’ll also share my theories on all the individual pieces that make up great golf. This is your chance to learn and interact with me directly. (and we'll record the seminar so you can come back to the site and listen anytime or you can download an MP3 version to take to the range).

Interviews - I’ll interview a special guest who has specific expertise in the subject we’re coving that month. You’ll be able to hear the interview via downloadable MP3 format. I’ve got one of the top touring pros lined up already and plan to have many more.

Step 5: Worksheets and Assignments

No, it's not exactly homework. It's a way of measuring your progress. These Worksheets actually force you to play better golf. They will help you with things such as playing with the right equipment, knowing the approximate distance of each iron, knowing the distance each wedge goes (pitching), knowing your fairways hit percentage, greens in regulation percentage, number of putts per round, etc...

Step 6: Evaluating Training Aids

Training aids can be very useful but there a lot of them on the market that simply don't work. We'll tell you which ones are worth your while and how to get the most out of them.

Step 7: Private Apprentice Forum

Here’s another way you and I can communicate about the Apprentice Program and how you’re doing in it. It’s a forum for Apprentices only where can ask questions and get answers to your specific questions regarding the apprentice program, your swing, or any other golf related topic. You will be able to search the archives and see the answers from your fellow golfers. As well, it gives you the chance to interact with and learn from other golfers going through the same learning process as you.

Step 8: Our Private Stat Tracker System

This is where you'll be able to register and use our proprietary game tracking software. This will enable you to automatically track greens in regulation (GIR), fairways hit %, handicap (unofficial), putts, and much more. You'll also be able to compete in leagues and tournaments. If you use this for every round, your game is guaranteed to improve, especially with my guidance on how and what to track.

$67 Value - FREE

Step 9: Tracking Worksheets

You'll be able to track your own progress each and every month by checking off items on the to-do list that we give you. Each month you'll receive a different list that will include watching videos, completing drills, completing worksheets, and playing rounds of golf.

Step 10: Swing Analyzer Software

Compare your golf swing to a real golf pro with side-by-side video! All you have to do is download the software to your computer and import video of your golf swing. Then at any time, you can download additional videos of the golf pros swing. Download their full swing, their chipping stroke, their pitching swing or even their draw stroke. Shoot similar video or photos of your own golf swing and import it into the program. Then watch your swing on the left and our golf pro's swing on the right. You can speed the video up or slow it down, synchronize the videos so they play simultaneously, and draw lines on the video screens to give yourself a reference ponts to help you analyze your swing.

Step 11: Community

This is a great place to meet new golfing buddies. You can find other members near you that are at your experience level. Create a profile to share videos and pictures. Even compare your stats with our other members.

Ready to become an apprentice? Then…

Click Here to Get Your Full First Month for Only $1

But maybe you’ve got one more question. Like…

Q: Bobby, why the heck are you doing this?

A long time ago, I realized that whatever talents in this game I possessed could be put to better use teaching others how to play well rather than trying to make it on the pro circuit. I’m certain I made the right decision. Over the years, I’ve gotten lots of satisfaction out of helping thousands of golfers play their best. And, along the way, I’ve picked up the reputation of being a darn good instructor.

I’ve always wanted to take a small group of truly dedicated golfers and work with them closely for a year. I'm going to come right out and say it - this program will make you a better golfer. I have absolutely no doubt that you will lower your score and become a much better all around player once you have been through the Apprentice Program.

So the Apprentice Program is the result of my desire to focus on helping you and a few others to improve. And I even told my partners that I didn’t want to write another long letter but it looks like I’ve written one anyway. That’s how excited I am about the Apprentice Program.

But before I started writing, we shot this little video to welcome you to the program.

Want to see what the program will look like?

Here’s our schedule

This is the schedule we have planned for the program. Once you become a member, we’ll give you the exact dates so you can mark your calendar.

  • Month 1: Chipping to the Pin

  • Month 2: Full Swing - Part 1

  • Month 3: Full Swing - Part 2

  • Month 4: Pitching

  • Month 5: Putting

  • Month 6: Conditioning and Mental Preparation

  • Month 7: Equipment and Club Repair

  • Month 8: Rules and Etiquette

  • Month 9: How to Practice

  • Month 10: The Driver and The Draw

  • Month 11: The Bunker

  • Month 12: How to Shape Your Shot

  • And More to Follow!

All this for only $14.97 a month. And remember the first month is just $1.

...and you can cancel at any time. So if in the first month you decide the program is not for you then cancel - it will have only cost you one dollar, just a buck, to try it out.

Click Here to Get Your Full First Month for Only $1

Just to give you an example of how well organized the system is for you...here's a copy of the first month's tracking sheet for you to track what pieces work best for you. As you can see, this program is going to be very in depth so you can learn more than ever.

...yet the best part is that every month you get to choose what works personally works for you, based on an organized layout, making it extremely easy to follow to lower your scores faster than ever before.

Sample Monthly Guide

As you can see, this apprentice program was built so that you could reach your playing ability. It's extremely well organized and easy for you to follow so that over time you're going to get so much better at every aspect of the game.

Click Here to Get Your Full First Month for Only $1

All of this for only $14.97 a month after Your $1 Trial Period!

Friend, you just can’t lose with a deal like this. You can try out the program for one full month for just one dollar. You can learn from anywhere. You can practice from anywhere. And you can cancel anytime.

But you’ll need to hurry. Because I want to give every apprentice my personal attention, so I’m limiting membership. Once we hit the ceiling the program will be closed so we can focus on our sessions with you.

So if you’re serious about playing better golf, sign up today. Thanks, and I look forward to personally teaching you, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Bobby Eldridge

PS. If I haven’t said it already, I’m going to say it now: This online golf instruction program will flat out make you a better golfer. I have absolutely no doubt about it. But I want you to make an informed decision about whether or not the program is right for you. That’s why there’s a one month trial for just one dollar. After that, it’s only $14.97 a month and you can cancel at any time. So sign up now.

PPS. Please do it now before you get busy and it slips your mind. Remember, there are limited slots and when they’re filled the live program is closed. And, hey, it’s only a buck to find out you can lower your score from the office, home, or anywhere.

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