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Read my blog for golf instruction on a wide variety of topics - chipping, pitching, putting, the full swing, the driver, bunkers and more. I'll share tips and suggest fixes for all of your golf problems.

  1. Fairway Bunkers


    If your ball has come to rest in the middle of a fairway bunker and there isnít a high lip to contest, this can actually be a fairly easy shot. You just have to know what pre-swing adjustments to make:

    Stand a little taller in the fairway bunker. The goal is to Ďpickí the ball and standing taller will elevate your swing arc and prevent the dreaded fat shot where you take too ...
  2. Approach from Rough


    Before you decide how you want to play an approach to a green from the rough, you first have to decide how severe the lie is. Here are a few tips on playing from the rough based on how deep the rough is:

    Light Rough: This is actually the preference of some amateurs. The tight lies in fairways require more precision and a descending angle of attack to hit an approach close. ...
  3. Punch Shot

    The punch is a shot that golfers can pull out in a variety of situations. If you have it in the arsenal and are confident hitting it, you can hit piercing shots into a headwind, navigate under tree limbs when in trouble, and have a go to shot when distance control in paramount. Follow these steps to hit great punch shots:

    ē At address, choke up on the grip and place more weight on your lead side. Set your hands slightly ahead of the ball, which will deloft the club and promote ...
  4. Ball First Impact


    Most fat shots are the result of scooping. The goal for those that struggle with the fat shot should be to start their divot just after the ball. If the divot starts past the ball, the clubhead is traveling into impact at a descending angle of attack, the shaft is going to lean slightly towards the target, and the club will make clean contact with the ball. All of these are the ideal impact conditions ...
  5. Impact Pose


    The Impact Drill is designed to train players to feel correct impact. There are plenty of misconceptions about what impact should look like and this drill should provide a bit more clarity. If you are struggling with fat or thin shots, this drill can improve your contact.

    In the drill, instead of starting your swing from the regular setup positions, you mimic impact at address. ...
  6. Toe Up to Toe Up



    The Toe up-Toe Up drill is the best exercise I have seen to create some clubface awareness for players. This drill is for you if you have trouble slicing or hooking. If that sounds like you, the clubface isnít returning to impact square to your target line. There are plenty of reasons why this might happen, ...
  7. Green Light or Red Light?


    To help you when to decide to 'go for it' and when to play a bit more conservatively, designate clubs in your bag as Green Light Clubs and Red Light Clubs. For those clubs that you feel especially confident with (shorter irons), we will call those your Green Light clubs. When encountered with a decision to shoot at a pin or play for the middle of the green, choose to play a little more aggressively ...

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  8. Article: Troubleshot Tips for Irons

    Most golfers rarely devote any practice time to troubleshots. The only time you hit these shots are when you are encounter them during a round.

    If you know the necessary adjustments to make and practice them a little, you will be able to pull these shots off in your next round.

    In a Divot

    Itís a cruel reality. You can absolutely stripe a drive, right ...
  9. Why a Hybrid?


    Do you really need that 3 iron? Probably not. If tour players are getting rid of their 2 and 3 irons, why arenít you? The benefits of a hybrid for an amateur golfer are too much to ignore. Because they have a lower and deeper center of gravity, hybrids will launch shots higher and with more spin than with irons. The design of a hybrid makes it much more playable and versatile than long irons. ...
  10. The Right Balance



    To consistently hit solid iron shots, its important to achieve the right balance at set up. Players that start out with their weight too much towards their heels or toes have a tough time maintaining the right posture and balance throughout the swing and will struggle with their contact. If you are ...
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