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We play golf because it's fun. Read my blog for golf instruction that will have you hitting the ball more consistently and accurately so that you can have more fun out on the course.

  1. What is the Bump and Run and How Can You Use It

    Or you can watch this video no YouTube at [URL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxBs4-xOhSA[/URL]

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  2. Controlling Distance on Pitch Shots

  3. Article: Baseball Drill

    Baseball Bat impact

    Impact with Golf Club

    Sitting behind first base at the Braves game I have a great view of the batters as they hit the ball. Impact looks the same as impact on the PGA Tour. The following points are what I am looking for.
    1. I can see the belt buckle moving to the target, ...
  4. Article: The Pool Drill


    What is coming over the top? You are coming over the top when your down swing starts from the hands, arms and shoulders. The shoulders unwind before the lower body. This causes the back shoulder to move out and over the target line { over the top} while shifting your balance to you toes. When your balance is on your toes your ball striking is very inconsistent, with less distance and the joy of golf is gone. ...
  5. How to control distance on pitch shots

  6. What does Short Siding mean?

  7. Killing Your Slice

  8. How to Diagnose Divots

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  9. Pebble and Sidehill Lies

    The US Open was played at Pebble Beach's course on the side of a hill going into the Pacific Ocean. Graeme McDowell made the following adjustments on his uphill downhill shots to set up his victory.

    When the forward foot is higher than the back foot your back swing feels easy because your club and body are moving downhill.

    However your downswing and follow through must be exaggerated to help you transfer your weight and swing to the forward foot. In your practice swings ...

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  10. Putting Drills

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