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Visit my blog where I'll share golf hints, tips and tricks to help improve your swing, make more consistent contact, and improve your accuracy.

  1. Add 12 Specialty Shots to your Golf Game!

    How many Strokes could you Cut off your scores if you could hit the ball high, low, left, or right at will?

    How about draws or fades? Or out of deep rough or off hard pan lies? Do windy conditions hurt your scores? These are conditions that we have all faced on the course. They're part of the game, and they're part of what makes golf so tough... and so incredibly satisfying when we can navigate the course effectively. To get around the course effectively though, you'll need to have ...
  2. Tip #2 Deep Rough

    The Trouble Shots DVD PurePoint Golf

    I believe there are three reasons why amateur golfers struggle out of deep rough. The number one reason is because professional golfers play golf from the golf ball to the green and amateur golfers play golf from the green back to the golf ball.


    Professional golfers look at the lie, their stance, wind, yardage and a few other considerations. Amateur golfers look ...

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  3. Tip #1 Uneven Lie-Ball going downhill

    When you stop to think about what area of your golf game you should work on you don't often think about the different trouble shots. You spend time at the practice facility working on your full swing and you might spend some time on your putting. However you rarely think about uneven lies, flop shots, deep rough or punch shots.

    I have put together some valuable information on two Trouble Shots that I know will play a big role in you lowering your handicap.

    [IMG]http://www.purepointgolf.com/images/tstip1a.jpg[/IMG] ...
  4. Pitching Lesson 2

    There is only one component in the pitching follow through that we teach. Most golfers think that you need to make a long follow through when pitching the golf ball. However, our follow through process in pitching is unique just like the setup and backswing processes we teach. We recommend a low follow through because it forces the ball in air with loft. This also will prohibit you from trying to "scoop" the ball. Golf is a game of opposites. If you try to "scoop" the ball with a long follow through, ...
  5. Pitching Lesson 1

    Just like our setup, the backswing method and mechanics that we teach are unique to PurePoint Golf. We teach 3 different backswing lengths that you should master. This will be your method of distance control. If you have three wedges in your bag, then you technically have 9 pitching distances and lofts to work with simply by mastering 3 backswing lengths (3 wedges X 3 backswing lengths = 9 distances).

    In conjunction with the automatic pitching setup that we teach, these backswing ...

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  6. Hitting Out of a Greenside Bunker

  7. "Timing" in the Golf Swing

  8. Proper Driver Set-Up

  9. Lofted Pitch Shots

  10. Tough Weather Conditions