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  1. Bunker Ladder

    Hopefully you have read about the ladder drill in my other short game blogs. The drill is great for bunkers too. The goal is to hit several balls, varying distances to get a better feel for how hard/soft to hit bunker shots.

    Bring a bucket of balls into the bunker and hit your first shot to the far side of the green. Your next shot should end up just short of the first. If it goes past the first ball, start over. Continue to do this until you run out of green and have to hit ...
  2. Focus on the Sand


    Itís our instinct to get into a bunker and focus in on the ball before we hit our shot. While this makes sense for all of our other shots on the course, it doesnít make much sense for greenside bunker shots. We hit the sand first, not the ball. So focus in on the part of the bunker that you want your club to enter, not the ball. Sometimes it helps to pick out a specific grain of sand or discoloration ...
  3. Control Distance out of Bunkers

    There are many schools of thought on how to vary your distance with bunker shots. Some golfers control their distance by how much sand they take. For a shorter shot, they take more sand, for a longer they take less. Other golfers enter the sand in the same spot for every shot and vary the length of their backswing. And some utilize a combination of the two methods.

    I encourage you to try a different method. For all your greenside bunker shots, enter the sand a 2-3 inches behind ...
  4. Keep the Loft for High and Soft

    Keep the Loft for High and Soft


    When you find yourself in a bunker with an extremely high lip or you have to hit to a tucked pin, you need to be able to hit it high and land it soft. To do this, itís imperative to maintain the loft on your wedge. The tendency for most players is to try to scoop the ball out of the bunker, flipping their hands through impact. By flipping the right hand ...
  5. Sand Textures

    There a million types of bunker sand out there. Usually you can narrow the sand down to one of two types, soft or hard. Different sands require you to alter your strategy a bit. Usually you can tell what kind of sand you are in by just digging your feet in before a shot. Follow these tips to hit great bunker shots, no matter what kind of sand you find.

    Soft Sand Ė In soft sand, it will feel like there is a lot of sand in the bunkers. Itís easy to dig the leading edge into the ...
  6. Against the Lip


    A little bad luck is all it takes to leave you with one of the more difficult shots in golf. In the unfortunate event that your ball comes to rest in a lip of a bunker, follow these tips to get it out and onto the green.

    ē The first step is to find firm footing. This can be a difficult task and you will rarely be comfortable in your makeshift stance. The slope will force your weight to ...
  7. Bunker Towel Drill


    Here is a drill to improve your distance control out of bunkers. Place three towels on the practice green, one a short distance from the bunker, one medium, and one long. Now get in the bunker and attempt to land your shots on the towel, alternating each shot between, short, medium, and long. To be accurate with your shots, vary the length of your follow through. To hit the first towel, abbreviate your ...
  8. Ball Above Feet in Bunkers


    Sometimes in bunkers with a lot of sand, the ball will hang up on a slope. Having the ball above your feet is a shot that very few golfers practice. Here are some adjustments to make in your setup to hit this shot well. Try to find a practice bunker with a slope to practice this shot out of.

    ē The ball is above your feet so the ball will tend to shoot to the left. The further the ball ...
  9. Hitting it Close from Wet Sand

    A lot of golfers hate to see wet bunkers because they arenít sure of the right way to play this shot. This is one of my favorite shots, itís probably the easiest bunker shot to hit close. You can make a few changes in your set up and play the shot more like a normal pitch than a typical bunker shot.

    Because the sand is wet, it will play harder and firmer. If you try to use the bounce of your wedge on this sand, the club will do just that, bounce into the ball. For the wet bunker, ...
  10. Article: Nasty Bunker Lies

    Not enough of us spend much time practicing our bunker shots. For a shot that causes a lot of fear to a lot of golfers, most players neglect this part of their game in practice. And thatís just the basic bunker shot, not to mention all the various lies and situations that force us to alter our setup and strategy to be successful. For most, the only time you hit the shot is when you are forced to do so on the golf course. With little or no practice to base your strategy on, you stand little ...
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