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  1. Basics of Driver Fitting

    It is important that golfers understand the affect that certain characteristics of your club will have on ball flight. Clubfitters can make drastic changes in ballflight just by changes shafts. Below I have listed a few of the basic cause and affects of clubfitting. Review them and decide if you can make a change to your shots by getting a properly fit club.

    Heavier Shaft – Lower ballflight, less spin
    Lighter Shaft – Higher ballflight, more spin
    Stiffer Flex – Lower ...
  2. High Launch, Low Spin

    Every club manufacturer in the world is making their drivers to maximize launch and lower spin. This is the golden formula for distance and every driver on the market is designed to achieve it. The scientists at all the Research and Development Departments have found that for everyone’s ball speed there is an ideal combination of launch angle and backspin. I always stress the importance of clubfitting to my students and encourage you to at least go through the process. It is usually an eye-opening ...
  3. Add Extra Yards Instantly

    I know you have seen plenty of golf infomercials about training aids or new instruction methods that claim to add extra yards ‘instantly’. I am yet to see the training aid that requires no work from the student and has them hitting longer drives instantly. Unfortunately, this game requires us to work hard for every extra yard.

    That being said, I am very confident that you can find a few extra yards by just finding a driver fit for you and your unique swing. I do a lot of fittings ...
  4. Grip in Fingers for Speed

    [img][/img] [img][/img]

    Examine your grip and make sure that you are not holding the club in your palms. If you hold the club in your palms, you can’t achieve the necessary hinge in the wrists to create any real speed on the way down. When you watch the long drivers on TV, the commentators always talk about the lag created by the ...
  5. Reverse Spine Angle


    Reverse Spin Angle is one of the most common faults that I encounter. This occurs when your spine is angled towards the target at the top of the swing. When this happens, it makes it nearly impossible to achieve the correct sequence in your downswing. The upper body will thrust the club down to start the downswing and the club will strike the ball too steeply and from the outside.
  6. Article: 3 Keys to Long Drives

    The current World Long Driver Champ stands less than 6 feet tall and a little shy of 170 pounds. For a guy of such slight build, he is able to generate tons of clubhead speed and knocks it out there about 400 yards in Long Drive Competitions. So even if you are not built like Bubba Watson or Dustin Johnson; you aren’t destined to a lifetime of lay ups.

    Here are a few keys to focus on to increase distance with your driver.

    [IMG][/IMG] ...
  7. Swing Like a ‘U’

    To gain the speed in your golf swing that will allow you to launch longer drives, examine the shape of your swing. Many players just getting started have a swing shaped like a ‘V’. The swing is angled up and down very steeply, not giving the player the chance to create much clubhead speed and they hit down on the ball imparting too much backspin. Think of your swing being shaped like a ‘U’. By rounding out the shape of your swing you give yourself the leverage to create greater clubhead speed ...
  8. Big Turn for Big Drives


    Increasing your shoulder turn with your driver will widen your arc and allow you to create more clubhead speed in the downswing. The picture above demonstrates a full turn with the driver. Notice that the left shoulder is turned over the right new. That should be your checkpoint for your shoulder turn. If its difficult for you to get that much turn, don’t be afraid to let the left heel come off ...

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  9. Article: Tips for Straight Drives

    When you are feeling the first tee jitters or are faced with an important tee shot late in a money match, it’s crucial to hit the fairway. For those occasions when accuracy takes precedence over distance, follow these tips to straighten out your drives.


    Course management is key. Many of us automatically grab the driver and tee it up. Take the shape and distance of the hole into consideration. If it is a short, tight hole, you might not even need the ...
  10. Proper Driver Set-Up