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  1. Approach from Rough

    Before you decide how you want to play an approach to a green from the rough, you first have to decide how severe the lie is. Here are a few tips on playing from the rough based on how deep the rough is:

    Light Rough: This is actually the preference of some amateurs. The tight lies in fairways require more precision and a descending angle of attack to hit an approach close. ...
  2. Impact Pose

    The Impact Drill is designed to train players to feel correct impact. There are plenty of misconceptions about what impact should look like and this drill should provide a bit more clarity. If you are struggling with fat or thin shots, this drill can improve your contact.

    In the drill, instead of starting your swing from the regular setup positions, you mimic impact at address. ...
  3. Toe Up to Toe Up

    The Toe up-Toe Up drill is the best exercise I have seen to create some clubface awareness for players. This drill is for you if you have trouble slicing or hooking. If that sounds like you, the clubface isnít returning to impact square to your target line. There are plenty of reasons why this might happen, ...
  4. Article: Troubleshot Tips for Irons

    Most golfers rarely devote any practice time to troubleshots. The only time you hit these shots are when you are encounter them during a round.

    If you know the necessary adjustments to make and practice them a little, you will be able to pull these shots off in your next round.

    In a Divot

    Itís a cruel reality. You can absolutely stripe a drive, right ...
  5. Start with a Square Clubface

    Most golfers are aware of the importance of aligning their feet properly. After all, stance alignment is one of the most basic fundamentals of golf. But many of these same golfers often neglect the importance of proper clubface alignment. I see a lot of golfers apply the quick Ďband-aidí fix to their slice or hook by aiming their clubface the opposite direction of their most frequent miss. This ...
  6. The Waggle

    The waggle is a part of the pre-shot routing that may seem extraneous or unnecessary to the beginning golfer. In fact, this is an essential component to a solid setup and very necessary in your preparation for a golf shot. For players who have played a while, we donít even really think about it. But the waggle gives us a chance to rehearse our takeaway, create a little rhythm before the swing, and it acts ...

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  7. Check Your Posture to Combat Lower Back Pain

    S-Posture refers to the overly arched back some golfers have at setup. The lower back is arched too much. This is a symptom that many golfers who complain of lower back pain after a round demonstrate. The arched lower back puts extraneous stress on the muscles in the lower back and fails to activate the core muscles. This combination can cause a lot of pain and doesnít allow the golfer to get ...
  8. 3 Secrets to Better Course Management and Lower Scores

    As seen in Golf Illustrated ó by: I.J. Schecter with Doug Weaver

    Every golfer is restricted by the limits of his physical skill. Big Berthas or not, most of us still canít drive a ball 300 yards, after all. The one thing within our control, however, is how we approach an overall round, a specific hole or a given shot. The most common fault committed by the average golfer has little ...
  9. How to Hit Great Shots from the 3 Toughest Lies in Golf

    As seen in Golf Illustrated ó by: I.J. Schecter with Doug Weaver

    Hitting a golf ball straight is difficult enough from a flat lie. When you and the ball are suddenly on different levels, it becomes even harder. Facing an uphill lie, downhill lie or sidehill lie is daunting, but like many situations in golf, it can be handled well with an appraisal of the physical situation and proper ...
  10. One-Plane Swing Eliminates Push Shots & Duck Hooks

    As seen in Golf Illustrated ó by: I.J. Schecter with Doug Weaver

    Youíve read endless advice about swing planes and ball trajectories. Youíre mentally drained from trying to figure out which of the three-dozen tips youíve read recently is the right one for getting the club squared to impact. Youíre ready to pull out your hair after coming across yet another piece of advice on the proper swing ...
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