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  1. How to control distance on pitch shots

  2. What Bounce to Use

    Make sure that you are using the correct amount of bounce for the conditions you typically play in. Here are some tips for deciding on the right amount of bounce:

    For Hard Fairways: If you are used to firm and fast conditions, using a wedge with a lot of bounce can make life difficult, especially when playing high pitches. If the turf is too hard, the trailing edge of the club will bounce off the ground at impact and itís easy to belly your pitches. Try a wedge with mid to low ...
  3. Club Selection for Pitches

    I recommend that you practice using one club for all your pitching. By using one club, you are forced to alter the trajectory for different shots and can hit a variety of pitches. You also gain confidence with a club when you use it for all your pitches. Around the green you should be able to hit high, medium, and low pitches just by changing your hand and ball position; you donít need to change clubs.

    I suggest using your 58 or 60 degree wedge and practice the elevator drill ...
  4. Perfect Pitching Setup

    Here is a quick checklist to run through to make sure that you are setting up properly for a basic pitch.

    Ball Position Ė For a basic chip hit at a medium trajectory, the ball should be positioned in the middle of the stance.

    Hand Position Ė The butt of the grip should be pointed at the lead pocket. This gets the hands ahead at address and the shaft leaning towards the target.

    Alignment Ė The body should be aligned slightly open to the target line. ...
  5. Hit the Short Pitch from the Rough


    Here is a shot to hit when your ball has ended up just off the green in the rough. The problem here is that you need to swing fast enough to get through the rough, but you donít have to pitch it very far. The trick to this shot is in the grip. Use your highest lofted wedge and grip it all the way down to the metal. This gives us more control of the club and allows us to hit the shot with the necessary ...
  6. Pitching from the Rough

    When the ball is sitting down in the rough, the grass will usually grab the club and shut the face. Alter your setup to allow for this and you can improve your pitches from these nasty lies.

    Play the ball slightly forward and position all your weight on your lead side. Open up the clubface at address so that you can return the ball at impact with as much loft as possible. You want to attack the shot steeply with a lot of loft so that you can get down to the ball and launch it ...
  7. Article: How to Attack Pins with Your Pitches

    Most of the students that come to me seeking help with their pitching need to re-think how they see this part of the game. We hear on TV that the best pitchers of the ball on the PGA Tour possess exceptional touch and feel. This is a part of the game where finesse and delicacy are championed. While those things are certainly important, I think it can be a little misleading to the amateur golfer. Because you can rarely take a full swing, too many golfers are a little TOO delicate with these shots ...
  8. Article: Flight Your Pitches

    Distance control is the key to getting up and down with your pitches. Thinking about where you want your pitches to LAND is very important when deciding how to play a pitch. Finding the landing spot is as far as most golfers get when visualizing their pitch and deciding on the correct shot. You canít properly gauge the correct landing spot if you donít consider the trajectory as well. Over the course of a round we are presented with numerous obstacles around the green that force us to think ...
  9. Rotate to Improve Pitching


    Overactive hands and wrists can be extremely detrimental to your short game. For a lot of golfers that struggle with pitching, the body stops rotating at impact and the hands flip making it difficult to achieve consistent solid contact. If you are hitting a lot of your pitches fat or thin, focus on rotating your upper and lower body in the downswing and through impact. Look at your finish; your belt buckle ...

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  10. Towel Drill


    To pitch the ball close you need to be able to master your distance control. Here is a drill to help you work on landing your pitches in the right spot:

    Stretch a golf towel out on the chipping green. Pitch a few ball from different spots trying to land each pitch on the towel. This helps you visualize the flight, landing point, and roll your pitches should have. Vary the lies and distances ...
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