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  1. Putting Drills

  2. Putting Alignment

  3. Find the Right Putter- Putter Model & Style

    Everyone has their own putting style and there are hundreds of different putter models out there. So how do you ensure your putter is best suited for your stroke? First you need to evaluate a few things about your putting. Decide if the path of your stroke is more ‘straight back-straight thru’ or a slight ‘inside-square-inside’ stroke. Then try to determine if you tend to pull or push your missed putts. Once you answer these two questions, you have the necessary information to select a putter ...
  4. Putting- The Setup

    If your putts per round have been adding up too quickly, chances are your score is too. Usually our first instinct after a bad round of putting is too head over to the putting green to work on our stroke. But usually, it’s our setup that needs the help. If we don’t get setup properly, what chance do we have of stroking it the right way? Next time you head to the putting green, go through a quick evaluation of your setup. Check the following areas to ensure that you are giving yourself the best ...