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  1. What is the Bump and Run and How Can You Use It

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  2. Article: Nasty Bunker Lies

    Not enough of us spend much time practicing our bunker shots. For a shot that causes a lot of fear to a lot of golfers, most players neglect this part of their game in practice. And thatís just the basic bunker shot, not to mention all the various lies and situations that force us to alter our setup and strategy to be successful. For most, the only time you hit the shot is when you are forced to do so on the golf course. With little or no practice to base your strategy on, you stand little ...
  3. Quick and Dirty of Chipping the Ball

  4. Getting Out of Trouble Off the Knees

    Written for the Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy by Doug Weaver

    Expect the best, and prepare for the worst. This is what we do in my Shortgame II Class. I put you in 15 situations that you do not like and teach you how to get out successfully. Today we are working on the "off the knees and under a branch" situation. You do not see many people practicing this on the range, however it is a great place ...
  5. Chipping Setup Basics

    If you find yourself stuck on a scoring plateau in your golf game and struggling to lower your scores-- take a hard look at your chipping. Your shots around the green are what make a mediocre round into a great round. When you are chipping well and feel confident around the greens, not only do you get up in down more often, but it makes a significant impact on your whole game. When you can stand in the fairway and KNOW that you can get it up and down from anywhere, you will be amazed at how good ...
  6. Toe Down Tip

    If you are having trouble hitting your chips solid, here is a change to make in your setup to improve: Set up with the heel of the club up in the air a little. This is especially helpful if you tend to hit your chips a little fat. By getting the toe down, you set up a little more upright and can simulate more of a putting stroke. The heel canít dig into the ground any more and you will swing with a better arc. ...
  7. Chips from the Rough

    Not all of our chips will be from the perfect lie on the fringe, so we need to make sure we practice out of a variety of lies. Next time you practice your chipping, drop your ball in some rough and try to recreate more realistic lies. Here are a couple things you should change in your chipping when you encounter a tough lie in the rough:

    ē Use more a little more loft then you normal, the extra loft makes it a little easier to get down to the ball and to get the ball up and out of ...