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Add Extra Yards Instantly

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I know you have seen plenty of golf infomercials about training aids or new instruction methods that claim to add extra yards ‘instantly’. I am yet to see the training aid that requires no work from the student and has them hitting longer drives instantly. Unfortunately, this game requires us to work hard for every extra yard.

That being said, I am very confident that you can find a few extra yards by just finding a driver fit for you and your unique swing. I do a lot of fittings and have not found many students that didn’t benefit from a driver that is fit to their clubhead speed, angle of attack, and swing path. Having the right shaft, loft, length, and head combination will optimize your ball flight and have you hitting it further ‘instantly’. I can’t stress enough the importance of clubfitting and finding the right combination for you. Before you buy the latest and greatest driver straight off the rack, find an expert clubfitter that can examine your ballflight characteristics and recommend a driver suited to you and your swing. You might just find a few more yards the easy way.