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Fairway Bunkers

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If your ball has come to rest in the middle of a fairway bunker and there isn’t a high lip to contest, this can actually be a fairly easy shot. You just have to know what pre-swing adjustments to make:

Stand a little taller in the fairway bunker. The goal is to ‘pick’ the ball and standing taller will elevate your swing arc and prevent the dreaded fat shot where you take too much sand.

Dig in to create a stable base, but not too much. The more you dig in, the lower you get to the ground. If you have to really dig in, make sure to choke up on the grip to keep from hitting behind the ball and taking too much sand.

Play the ball in the middle of the stance; this will also help you hit ball first.

In the swing, keep the body quiet and try to sweep the ball out of the bunker.

Follow these easy pre-swing tips and getting out of the fairway bunker won’t seem quite so hard.