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A Neck Stretch to Help Your Golf Swing

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One of the most common complaints, after back tightness and stiffness, amongst the new golfers I train is “neck aches and pains...”

Most people find it a shock to learn how many golfers suffer from neck issues - but the truth is, the golf swing is a VERY demanding motion - and the neck gets a fair share of ‘physical force’...

Add to that - various types of stress and tension - and then the element of poor flexibility and ‘sub-par’ conditioning... It becomes very easy to see why neck pain is common in golfers.

Most of my clients (whether in person or remote coaching) feel significant improvements with a series of upper body and neck-specific stretches and exercises.

If you suffer from neck pain in which you’ve tried all types of ineffective treatments for - here is something easy you can try right now.

DISCLAIMER: if you are unsure about this stretch - PLEASE check with your doctor first. Forward this email to him/her if you wish. Much better to be safe, than to be “sorry”.

1 - interlock the fingers of your hands

2 - place your hands/palms on the back of your head, just above ear-level

3 - you can be standing or seated - just be sure to keep good posture (chest up)

4 - gently let your head/neck relax as you lightly guide your head forward and downward so your chin touches your chest - or gets close to it

5 - DON’T force this stretch. As soon as you feel the muscles in the back of your neck stretching - just hold the position for about 15 seconds

6 - come back up to the start position for about 10 sec - and then repeat the stretch.

7 - do the same motion but this time gently push slightly to the right as you push forward/downward - hold for 15 seconds - then come back up to start position

8 - now do the same toward the left.

I know you’ll feel some great relief from that little stretch routine for the neck muscles. You can do that several times a day. And you can surely do it daily, as well.

Before and after a round - play or practice - is also usually beneficial.

If you neck issues are severe or get worse - then it may be time to check in with your doctor.

-- Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Golf Conditioning Specialist
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