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Tip #2 Deep Rough

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I believe there are three reasons why amateur golfers struggle out of deep rough. The number one reason is because professional golfers play golf from the golf ball to the green and amateur golfers play golf from the green back to the golf ball.


Professional golfers look at the lie, their stance, wind, yardage and a few other considerations. Amateur golfers look at the yardage, grab a club and swing away. The second reason amateurs struggle from deep rough is they are counting on a miracle recover shot. Unfortunately that is why they are in the deep rough in the first place.

Lastly is the technique that you have to use to get out of deep rough. If Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods attempted to hit a shot out of deep rough with their regular golf swing they could not advance the golf ball.

Making solid contact with a golf ball that is in deep rough takes a special swing.


Play Smart

Let’s start from the beginning. When I approach a golf ball in deep rough the first question I ask myself is “if I hit a perfect shot what can I expect the results to be”. Then I work backyards. Can I reach the green or not? If it hits the green is it going to stop? What are my chances of making great contact with this lie?

I think you are starting to get it. Let’s do our homework first before we pull out a 3 wood and try and advance the ball 235 yards down the fairway over a lake, on to the green and have it stop next to the hole.

Now with this thinking it eliminates the second problem which is the miracle shot. If you want to learn how to play out of deep rough, watch a couple of the Open Championships this summer and you wont believe how many times the players take out their wedges and pitch the ball back in play.

Now that I have you checking the lie and working from the ball to the hole, let’s spend some time on the technique of advancing the ball from deep rough.

The Secret

The Trouble Shots DVD PurePoint GolfOk now here is the secret. The main reason you struggle is because the hosel of the golf club (the part that connects the shaft with the head) gets hung up in the grass. If you, I or Jack Nicklaus swings the golf club on the same arc the length of the grass grabs the hosel and turns the toe before impact.

Sometimes you can make a great swing only to look up and see the golf ball 10 yards in front of you. You have to have a completely different swing so the hosel does not come in contact with the tall grass.

When you address the golf ball you have to make sure that you swing the golf club UP and DOWN not around. The best way to do this is to place 70% of your weight on your left foot at address. Now this is the secret once again, swing the arms up and down and make sure you do this without shifting any weight to the right foot.

Now there is one more thing you have to remember. DO NOT allow the golf club to swing UP after impact. Keep the clubhead low to the ground so the power is going down not out.

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