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PurePoint Golf Swing Analysis - Part 2 - Checkpoints 3 & 5

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  • Rita's Avatar
    I constantly collapse my left arm at the top. Does this really work?
  • HyHandicapper's Avatar
    This makes sense to me. This swing should work with the driver and longer clubs, but does it work with irons & wedges?
  • FrankieG's Avatar
    When I get my hands to the top, I always bend my left elbow to get my hands as far around as possible. I hit it pretty far, but I do have a tendincy to fade/slice. I‘ll try this out & let you know if it helps.
  • tIm's Avatar
    great tip
  • Terry's Avatar
    Love it. I‘ll try this today.
  • Kevin's Avatar
    Execllent tip. This would have been good in the Swing Drills video. Will try this on the range.
  • ateixeira's Avatar
    very interesting and detail information about those movements.I going to try soon this exercise.thank? alberto teixeira
  • Barry Adams's Avatar
    Hi David and Bobby, I have previously told you that I have your DVD‘s BUT they are in S Africa and I have been missing them so thank you for these reminders.These are great. I have two questions, I play left handed but I am naturally right handed and I have a slice most of the time with my woods but do get a draw with irons. Question 1. Should I try and concentrate my downswing with my strong right hand or should I concentrate on straigtening the left arm per video? Question 2. Would it not make sense to start my down swing by moving my hips to the right? You do not mention hips at all and often I find no hips when I have short hits. I look forward to your comments and do you suggest I buy the newest DVD to have a set here and a set in S Africa. Regards to you both, Barry Adams
  • George Elias's Avatar
    I tried your 9 o‘clock and it worked wonders. My problbem is my tempo on the down swing is faster than my up swing. Is their way to correct the tempo on the down swing. I either swing too slow or too fast. When I swing correctly my ball goes straighter and farther. Unfortunately this only happens approx about 60% to 70% of the time. Maybe your 2nd video will help my swing. I‘ll let you know
  • PA's Avatar
    This move, the straightening out of the hands on the downswing worked wonders for me . Despite having your draw video for awhile now, the first few times I viewed it, it just flew right over my head, i.e I just didnot get it!Stillnot being able to cure my pull, I went back and viewed your draw video again(several times) and practised this move. On a good day when everything else work I shoot in the mid eighties and this move has definitely straightened out my pull shots.
  • Floyd Boyer's Avatar
    This sounds like a great tip, I can hardly wait till I get to a driving range to try it.
  • Harry Pollitt's Avatar
    I have what they call, a frozen left shoulder. On the back swing, I can‘t straighten my feft arm, causing my right arm to bend. Am i a lost cause?
  • Kelvin's Avatar
    The downswing portion of this hits my probelm right on the head, I have a had time not leading with my right shoulder on my down swing. This is a great dril I will try tomorow whenI‘m on the range. Thanks Kelvin
  • Alfredo's Avatar
    Hi Bobby....this is the first chance I have to see your video....EXELLENT so far.....but Bobby I am still waiting for my DVD on the FULL SWING DRILLS...the replacement for the first one. I will appreciate any thing you can do for me.....Thanks and congratulations.
  • Matias Garza's Avatar
    Wow, you explain the downswing so simple, yet so effective, thanks!
  • Duncan McKibbin's Avatar
    I was a 10 handicap 6 yrs ago, when I was 63, but suffered a left side stroke which has caused me great difficulty in keeping left arms straight, as it was paralysed, but is gradually recovering This is borne out by resulting loss of distance with every club of about 25%. E.g. I hit my drives only about 170yds as my swing speed has fallen from 85/90 mph to 65/70 at best. If I strive to keep my left arm long (which I don‘t do) will this helpwith distance? I agree about shoulders, I always found in the past that it helped to keep my shoulders out of things as far as I could in swinging down
  • TechSupport's Avatar
    Alfredo, please send me an email at and I‘ll try to get your replacement order straightened out. Thank you.
  • Wes S's Avatar
    Great video. I should have listened to your Driver Dvd more closely. This detailed video really highlights the problems I am having. Thanks for the tips. Wes
  • Martin Holmes's Avatar
    I am a serious slicer when using the woods and driver, I can manage to hit a 7 iron further. I was told LOFT had to do with it, (Lack Of Flipping Talent). I just got my self a HT 13 degree driver, so hope to get to the range and try hitting balls and reviewing these video snippets on the mp4 player. I have never seen my own swing, but out the back garden when trying what is on these videos I think I have my legs too wide apart and turn my right shoulder first in the down swing. I get the feeling I put my full body weight into the down swing and my right arm is still hinged when I hit the ball, and a good bit as well. When doing what is on these videos I get the feeling my hands and arms lead the swing more and my upper body is still very much behind them. Both swings have a completely different feeling, so I will post the range results after a visit. Thanks very much Bobby and David for your tips.
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