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Get to the finish

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Working backwards from your goal is often helpful. Here’s a swing key that uses that approach.

Make a practice swing with a mid-iron into what you and your instructor agree is a good finish position. Hold that finish for a few seconds, with as much awareness of how your body feels as possible, thinking, “This is the finish I want to get to at the end of my swing.” Do this several times to ingrain the feeling.

When you play, make a practice swing before each shot, holding a good finish position for a second. Your swing key is, “Finish like that.”

The benefit of this key is that your subconscious senses your body positions throughout the swing, and will do it’s best not to let your body make a backswing or a transition at the top from which you won’t be able to finish in the position you intend. Your body can’t make a bad swing and get to a good finish.