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Do you listen to your thoughts?

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There’s a difference between having a thought come to mind and putting it into motion. You can think about playing a risky shot, but you don’t have to listen to that “bright idea.” How many strokes would you save if you took a moment to reflect on the consequence of a decision, rather than just acting on impulse?

Well into a round you may have the thought of playing a fairway wood to carry over a water hazard fronting the green. You can either listen to that thought, or ask yourself, “Is the risk of a penalty stroke really worth the small chance of getting on the green in two?” Take a deep breath and feel how confident you are of executing the shot. If you feel any doubt or find that you’re talking yourself into “going for it,” it’s probably a better idea to play a low-risk shot that takes the big number out of play. It will be easier to commit to that shot, be better for your score, and may even save you a golf ball.