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Corey Lundberg

Corey Lundberg

Teaching Golf Professional

Teaches In: Head Golf Professional at the Club at Carlton Woods in Houston, TX

Philosophy: Customized golf instruction for every individual and a detailed plan for improvement catered to their goals.

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    Hi Corey!

    I noticed that you are Head Golf Professional at the Club at Carlton Woods in Houston, TX.
    I am actually in Houston (coming from Stockholm,Sweden) first week of November and will try and visit you.

    Maybe CU then?

    Best Regards
    Bas Fick
  2. First, I would recommend that you use a bit more loft from these distances, at least a pitching wedge. Usually skulls with these shots, means that you are flipping and trying to help the ball into the air. Start with your weight on your lead side and make sure to hit down on it. Try this and let me know if the issues continue...
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    I have been chipping with a 7 and 9 iron from 35/45 yds and I find I am sculling a lot of shots.-Any ideas--Percy
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Corey has been an instructor and golf professional at the University of Texas Golf Club since 2005.
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Corey Lundberg
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Fairway Bunkers

by Corey_Lundberg on 01-07-2011 at 10:31 AM

If your ball has come to rest in the middle of a fairway bunker and there isn’t a high lip to contest, this can actually be a fairly easy shot. You just have to know what pre-swing adjustments to make:

Stand a little taller in the fairway bunker. The goal is to ‘pick’ the ball and standing taller will elevate your swing arc and prevent the dreaded fat shot where you take too

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General , Full Swing , Bunker , Short Game

Approach from Rough

by Corey_Lundberg on 01-05-2011 at 09:29 AM

Before you decide how you want to play an approach to a green from the rough, you first have to decide how severe the lie is. Here are a few tips on playing from the rough based on how deep the rough is:

Light Rough: This is actually the preference of some amateurs. The tight lies in fairways require more precision and a descending angle of attack to hit an approach close.

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Punch Shot

by Corey_Lundberg on 01-03-2011 at 09:28 AM
The punch is a shot that golfers can pull out in a variety of situations. If you have it in the arsenal and are confident hitting it, you can hit piercing shots into a headwind, navigate under tree limbs when in trouble, and have a go to shot when distance control in paramount. Follow these steps to hit great punch shots:

• At address, choke up on the grip and place more weight on your lead side. Set your hands slightly ahead of the ball, which will deloft the club and promote

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General , Full Swing , Short Game

Ball First Impact

by Corey_Lundberg on 12-31-2010 at 12:25 PM

Most fat shots are the result of scooping. The goal for those that struggle with the fat shot should be to start their divot just after the ball. If the divot starts past the ball, the clubhead is traveling into impact at a descending angle of attack, the shaft is going to lean slightly towards the target, and the club will make clean contact with the ball. All of these are the ideal impact conditions

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Impact Pose

by Corey_Lundberg on 12-29-2010 at 12:24 PM

The Impact Drill is designed to train players to feel correct impact. There are plenty of misconceptions about what impact should look like and this drill should provide a bit more clarity. If you are struggling with fat or thin shots, this drill can improve your contact.

In the drill, instead of starting your swing from the regular setup positions, you mimic impact at address.

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