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    Bobby today was the best day I have had on the golf course since I was in high school shot 45 for nine. I am 70 and have been shooting around 110 to 120 area. Since I received your emails and the dvd Full Swing lessons I have notices a mark improvement in my game. I have no problems with my Irons or Driver, so far, but my fairway wood ****. I seem to keep topping the ball and if I try hard I may get a good hit 10% of the time. If I tee up my three wood off the tee I hit is around 190 yards and no problem but if it is in the fairway I completely mess it up. I know that there is something I am doing wrong other than mental block. Help.
    Rich Brazzale

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    Do you top it to the left, straight or to the right?


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    Bobby I top the ball and for the most part it goes 10 yards straight ahead. Apparently there is no reason for topping that can be explained in words but would like to hear something.
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