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    I have been playing golf on and off for 20 years but have been playing regularly for 8 years since i joined a golf society. My game hasn't been too bad but i had one MAJOR problem, i sliced the ball. I have done everything i can to cure the slice, bought books, bought DVDs and even had a whole bunch of lessons with a club pro but nothing cured my slice. I had come to rely on my slice off the tee aiming miles left of the fairway for the slice to bring it back on to the fairway. The problem with that is on narrow fairways it was often impossible to hold the ball and it would more often drop off to the right in danger. I was also losing 40 or 50 yards per tee shot.

    Then 2 weeks ago i subscribed to the Bobby Eldridge newsletter to cure a slice. I thought why not. It's free and it can't make me any worse than i am now. Unbelievably after just ONE tip my slice was cured. It was the simple tip that when holding the club, if you can't see any knuckles and your slicing the ball move your hand round until you can see a few knuckles.

    Yesterday i tried it out for the first time and i hit every drive virtually dead straight. The problem i have now is just confidance. Over the years i have aimed way out left to allow for my slice to come back on to the fairway and today the ball just went straight on until i adjusted to aim straight down the fairway.

    However after a few adjustments i was hiting every single drive dead straight and even my faiway woods. I am absolutely over the moon at how i hit the ball yesterday and can't thank you enough.

    I had 10 lessons with a club pro 2 years ago and he could do nothing about curing my slice, he never picked up on or mention adjusting my grip might help. Such a simple thing put in a very simple way has changed my golf after 1 round.

    The golf season is just starting here in England and i really can't wait for the next round.

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    Wow, thats gotta feel really good to get rid of that slice. Congratulations! I had a slice for 20 years. At first it was wicked, then I turned it into a strong fade. Now I hit pretty straight most of the time. My problem was this: I tended to swing my hips way out ahead of the ball causing my clubface never to close on impact. Also, I swang outside-in, which made it even worse. Now I've learned to keep my hips in the "slot" longer - which gives my clubhead more time to close on impact. I also fixed my swing plane to stop swinging outside-in. With those changes, I never slice anymore. Hallelujah - for both of us!!
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