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    Default Driver and hybrids great & irons bad

    I am a 10 handicap and been playing for 22 years. I have always hit the driver very good about 240-260 yards with a repeatable draw -- I do have trouble fading my driver. I hit my 3-5 hybrids very good. My irons especially 6 and 7 are hit weak with fades to the right or sometimes a pull. I have a short less than 3/4 swing. Any suggestions and drills.

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    Hi Kevin,

    Seems like your strength is a flatter plane. A weak fade or a pull suggests an out to in swing path; fade when the clubface is open to the path and pull when it's closed. If you are a 10 handicap all you have to be is aware of the fact that I just described. 3/4 swing is very wise so I'm surprised of the possible "over the top" trajectory.

    At the top of your backswing, in your case 3/4, make sure you are holding that club passively, transfer your weight to your leading side and just let the club drop right in.

    I like the drill of feet together, swing back and downswing taking a shoulder-width (or a bit more to emphasize the concept) side step with your leading foot towards the target.

    I hope this helps,

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    If I had a student hit consistent draws with the driver and hit weak fades with the irons, I would immediatley look to the equipment. The driver is longer and has less loft than any other club, this exaggerates ball flight flaws. Since you hit the driver well, I would guess that your irons are too flat. It might be that simple. See if you can't borrow some sole tape from your local pro or have a fitter take a look at it. Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do is bend the clubs upright a degree or two?

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