I've been working on my swing based on your teachings and things are coming along nicely. Used to be an over-the-topper but not have a very nice swing plane and my scores finally coming down. That being said, I do have one major problem - early extension. I've been using a chair in my backyard, and against the wall drill (no club), to understand what it feels like to not extend early. My issue seems to be not rotating my hips fully (towards target). Hitting balls with the chair behind me has helped reduce the extending, but still doing it when I take chair away. I work out fairly regularly (abs/back/trunk) and I am starting to stretch that area a lot. Any advice on other things I can think about to fully rotate the hips. I tend to temporarily stop rotating right at impact (beltbuckly aiming at 2'oclock). Obviously this takes me out of the swing plane. The chair is helping and if it were legal, I'd take it out on the course with me! Do i just keep doing this or is there another tip you can add to rotate hips through more fully? thanks for your time.