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    Default Pitching Definition

    Please clarify the difference between the pitch and a chip shot.

    What distance are we talking about with the pitch shot?

    I use my sand wedge for 90-100 yds. and my lob wedge for inside 90 yds.

    Would the 50-90 yd. shot be a pitch shot or would that be inside the 50, 20, etc.?


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    I have never attached distances with pitching and chipping.

    If 1/3 of the way to the hole is safely on the green=chip
    If 1/3 of the way to the hole is NOT safely on the green=pitch

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    I always think of it in terms of the shot itself. If I have to go over something, usually a trap I would want a high shot which would land and hopefully stop. That would be a pitch. If I have clear access to the pin with no obstacles the better shot might be a chip where my trajectory was low and my goal is to land and roll close to the pin. If you are hitting a lob or a regular wedge from 90 I would call it a pitch assuming the approach path is high with the intent to stop the ball. Chipping can be done from several yards out as well, but the object is to travel low and roll up to the pin. Either will work, just depends on the obstacles. My.02 anyway.
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