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    Default Golf course suggestions for NEW YORK?

    I am going to visit NY soon to hang out with some friends and wanted to get a round or two in while I was there. I am not familiar with the area so need suggestions on what public golf courses are the best value for the money (green fees $100 or less). If you have any websites you can provide to me that would be great as well. I would be interested in the NY area such as Long Island, Manhattan, Westchester County and even areas in New Jersey that are not too far from NY City. Thanks.
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    My best suggestion would be Bethpage state park "Black" Course in Farmingdale NY. In 2002, the U.S. open was held there and the greens fees are only $49 on weekends and $39 on weekdays. My next would be Wetcherster Country club in Rye New York. These greens fees are $125 on weekends and $85 on weekdays. You can look on this website for others: [url][/url]

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    Default Golf courses

    Golf courses make for great exercise and the sense of competition keeps the game interesting. Golf is great and the golf courses are key to this greatness.

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