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I have designed this short quiz to find the best course of instruction for you. Don't waste your valuable time and energy learning aspects of the game that you already excel in. This quiz will point you in the direction you need to go to improve your game.

You are just a TWO ANSWERS AWAY from becoming a better golfer. We're going to build you a customized swing plan. Just answer the questions below by clicking on the answer that best matches your golf swing. You'll receive your customized swing plan on the next page.

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Your Swing Plan will help you:

  • Pinpoint and Focus on your problem areas
  • Lower your Handicap
  • Increase Distance, Consistency, and Accuracy
  • Build Confidence and Perfect your Timing

What will it take to get your game to the next level?
That new titanium driver? A whole new set of clubs? Lessons from the best pro you can find?

For exactly 27,979 golfers, all it took was us. PurePoint Golf.

At PurePoint, we don't just hold out some vague promise of becoming a better golfer.

We guarantee to lower your score. To help you hit the ball
further and more consistently than ever before. And to have
you playing bettergolf than you ever dreamed possible.
Or your money back.

But that's not all.

If you think our instructions wasted your time,
we'll make it up to you. With a check for $100.

Nobody else makes an offer like that. Because nobody else teaches golf the way we do. We've got a system.

The PurePoint Golf System

It's simple but powerfully effective.

We take every aspect of the game and break it down into simple steps that are easy to learn and hard to forget.

We do it with video, text, illustrations, software and training aids that actually work. And with an advantage no other golf instruction source can match.

Our Advantage: Bobby Eldridge

Bobby is our teaching pro and one of the best we've ever seen. He has over 30 years experience teaching people to play better. No wonder he's taught the best of the best.

Bobby has a natural knack for teaching golf. For diagnosing and correcting your swing. And for showing you a thousand and one little tricks that you would have never thought of to improve your game.

How can even the best pro diagnose your swing when he's on a DVD and you're on a golf course? Easy. Bobby gives you checkpoints so you can catch your own mistakes. Then he shows you how to correct them.

The whole game. And every part of the game.
Our goal is to have you playing better golf than you ever played before. We figure that's your goal, too.

Here are some of the ways we'll help you reach those goals:

  • Golf's Best Instructional DVDs.
    We've broken the game down into its components. And we've created a network-quality video instruction for each one. This way you master one, you go on to the next. There's no pressure to learn everything at once. You learn at your own pace.

  • Bobby's Apprentice Program.
    It's Bobby's year-long program designed for a few golfers who want to be better golfers and have the time to devote to it. With membership, you'll get weekly tips and lessons, DVD clips, breakdown sessions and teleseminars. The Apprentice Program is just like spending a year learning from one of the best teachers of the game. Without having to leave home to do it.

Do our ways work?

Thousands of golfers from Norway to New Zealand swear we've helped them play the best golf of their lives. We've got their letters and emails to prove it.
Which may explain why...

In just four short years, we've become the
#1 golf instruction system on the Internet.

Ready to move up?

Start by pinpointing your problem areas. Just fill out a short online form and Bobby will point you in the right direction so you won't waste your time learning parts of the game you've already mastered. Get your individually customized free swing plan NOW.

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If we don't have you playing better golf in 30 days, we'll send
your money back. And if after 90 days of practice you think
we've wasted your time, we'll send you a check for $100.

We're serious about taking your game to the next level.

What about you?