Online Golf Lessons
Learn our unique golf instruction systems for all of the challenges that you face in a typical round of golf. In this section, we introduce our mechanic philosophies for the golf swing and all of its components. At PurePoint Golf we believe that there are 7 basic techniques used to lower your scores, and in this section you will be introduced to each of those techniques.

What you are about to learn is not nearly as detailed as what you will find on the golf instruction videos. We recommend these lessons in conjunction with our videos, and swing analysis. Please browse and enjoy improving your game. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email.

Full Swing (view all)

This is the fundamental golf swing that we teach. Our full swing teaching has set itself apart because of its simplicity, and its ability to help you improve your game almost instantly.
full swing

Pitching (view all)

This shot can be used anywhere from 4-5 yards to 40-50 yards off the green. We built our pitching swing to allow you to get maximum air, enabling the ball to stop quickly.

Putting (view all)

We believe in the putter coming straight back, and straight through the ball. This is for consistency and it allows you to focus on distance control, where the strokes are really dropped.

Chipping (view all)

This stroke is used as a very dependable way to position your ball close to the pin when you miss the green with your approach shot. The whole theory is to get your ball on the green and rolling to the pin.

The Draw (view all)

This is the most powerful shot in golf, and we like to refer to this section as “Full Swing – Advanced”. You’ll learn our system for shaping your golf shots, and how to build a golf swing that relies on an inside to out swing path.
the draw
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The Driver (view all)

This is almost always the first club you hit in a round of golf, and it has more of an effect on your scores than most believe. We have exclusive techniques designed specifically for driving the golf ball.
the driver
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Sand Shots (view all)

Our bunker system was developed to help you get out of the sand every time you’re in it. The second goal is to get close to the pin, and we teach you how to do this by changing the angle that the clubface enters the sand.
full swing
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