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Grip Lessons

When you grip the golf club for the full swing keep in mind two things. First and foremost is the amount of pressure you apply with your fingers and hands the softer the grip the easier it is to release the golf club in the down swing. The very reason I mention grip pressure first is to allow the fingers and the palms to wrap around the club in a comfortable fashion. Lastly the second key to gripping the golf club is to make sure you repeat the same grip every time. Repetition is the name of the game.

Golf Swing - Grip - Left Hand
This lesson describes the correct way to grip the golf club with the left hand
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Golf Swing - Grip - Right Hand
This golf instruction lesson describes how to correctly grip the golf club with the right hand
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Golf Swing - Grip - Seven Grips
This golf lesson will explain the 7 different golf grips that you can use
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Golf Swing - Grip - Grip Pressure
This golf lesson describes the correct pressure that should be used when gripping a golf club
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