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Golf Swing Instruction Products & Training Aids

  • Hit Em Long DVD Collection
    The Hit Em Long DVD Collection includes the Driver DVD, the Full Swing DVD and the Maximum Distance DVD. Hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently than ever before with out high powered Hit Em Long Collection!

  • Short Game Champion DVD Collection
    Hit the ball inside 100 yards with the confidence and conviction of a seasoned pro. This collection of DVDs will have you dropping the ball onto the green within 5 feet of the pin and never missing the putt to finish it up.

  • Advanced DVD Collection
    This is a collection aimed at our more advanced students. The Advanced Collection includes topics that are a little too complex for new golfers. How to Hit a Draw, Advanced Bunker play and more highlight this collection.

  • Complete DVD Collection
    The first 10 Golf Instruction DVDs from PurePoint Golf

  • Hybrid DVD
    Fill your gaps and replace those fairway woods!

  • Short Game Lessons DVD
    Perfect Your Short Game by Watching Golfers Like You Get Lessons

  • Swing Keys DVD
    Learn to Practice the Mental Side of Golf with Bobby Eldridge and Dr. Joe Parent

  • How to Break 90 DVD
    Take Your Game to the Next Level by Learning the Secrets of Breaking 90

  • How to Break 90 DC
    Take Your Game to the Next Level by Learning the Secrets of Breaking 90

  • The Driver DVD
    Hit the long ball with more confidence, consistency, and distance by following our simple golf swing method.

  • Draw / Anti-Slice DVD
    Learn the most powerful shot in golf with this instructional DVD from PurePoint Golf.

  • Putting Performance DVD
    Make putts with the confidence of a seasoned pro.

  • The Short Game DVD
    Hit all your pitch and chip shots within 5 feet of the pin by using this simple short game method.

  • Bunker DVD
    Never be afraid of another bunker. Learn to use sand traps to your advantage like the pros.

  • The Full Swing DVD
    Learn the full golf swing by following this easy to remember golf swing instruction method.

  • The Mentor Mirror
    Putting Stroke Training Aid

  • The Putting Connection
    Keep your arms and shoulders from moving incorrectly in the putting stroke.

  • PowerLeg Strap
    Keep yourself from drifting back in the backswing

  • The Pitching / Lob DVD
    Get the ball onto the green and make it sit there just like the pros by learning this simple pitching technique.

  • Trouble Shots DVD
    Not all of us play the middle of the fairway!

  • Golf Metronome Pro
    Timing Your Swing Has Never Been Easier!

  • Maximum Distance DVD
    Get the most distance possible out of every club in your bag!

  • The Swingyde
    Set your swing exactly right every time you practice!

  • Perfect Impact DVD
    Make clean, consistent contact with the ball

  • SetRight Training Aid
    Square Up to Your Target Line Every Time You Practice.

  • Swing Plane DVD
    Stay on Plane with Every Swing of the Club

  • Full Swing Fundamentals eBook
    Drop your handicap 7 to 10 strokes in just two rounds after reading this ebook!

  • Precision Putting DVD
    Sink Every Putt with the Precision of a Tour Pro

  • The Swing Key (Right Handed)
    Get your wrist in the right position every time you take back the club

  • Full Swing Drills DVD
    Practice the Full Golf Swing the Right Way for Peak Results

  • Full Swing Lessons DVD
    The Next Best Thing to a Personal Golf Lesson at Half the Price!

  • The Seniors DVD
    Golf Instruction specifically for more mature players

  • Short Game Drills DVD
    Practice the Short Game the Right Way for Peak Results

  • Taly MIND Set
    Get a mental reference point for every step of the golf swing with the Taly MIND Set

  • PIPOE Golf Pro Training Aid
    One Training Aid to with Many Drills

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