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Golf Metronome Pro
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Golf Metronome Pro
Golf Metronome Pro

Golf Metronome Pro

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This golf swing training aid will help you get the timing of your swing perfected. Just match the beeps to the steps of your swing. Beep, start back, beep, you're at the top of the backswing, beep, impact, beep, finish your follow through. It works for putting, full swing, chipping, pitching - EVERY SWING IN YOUR ARSENAL!

Learn how this Training Aid can improve your golf game.

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Product Reviews

Reviewed By:           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2008-08-05 18:04:01

golf metrome
it want beep?, just got it today

Reviewed By: Adam Peek           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2008-08-28 13:36:42

EyeLine Golf Metronome
I got my metronome, and it worked great. Gives me a sense of timing and rhythm. I love the size of it. GREAT PRODUCT.

Reviewed By: Chris Downing           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2009-05-24 23:57:12

Bet You Swing Too Fast
When I started using one of these I was swing about 50% faster than I do now - 168BPM in a waltz time rhythm. This is a great way to get consistancy into your swing and learn to let the club do the work. It helped me to fast-track my practice at getting the ball off the sweetspot and consistantly striking the ball to a known distance right through the clubset. If you've seen my review of the putting trainer you know that improved my putting hugely - wel this was the way I improved my swing on the other clubs - a nice slow rhythmical swing. I experimented with the metronome until I got the slowest swing with the longest distance - when you start with this tool, you'll be surprised at how much further you hit a ball with a slower swing once you hit from the sweetspot on the face. I can't think of anything I've ever used that got my swing in better shape than a metronome like this one. This review and the one on the putter brace are the only reviews I've done because I believe i what these tools have done for my game. Together they've knocked off about 15 shots. It's not only the shots though - it feels so much better to play with a nice relaxed swing that sends the ball on a great trajectory - even when you aim wrongly and reach that lake on the left! (But didn't that ball fly well and make a big splash - so much better than everyone watching you skim it across the water - haha.)

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Additional Information

Mom taught me the value of timing when I was a kid and playing in my first tournaments. She’d tell me to time how long it took me to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, etc...and then before every tournament take three times as long to do everything. That would help me set the pace for the day.

I had a head start in this timing thing because my mother was a professional golf instructor...one of the first woman golf instructors in the country, in fact. But the Metronome Pro will help you the same way.

The Golf Metronome Pro helps you determine your natural tempo and then control it. Once you can control your tempo you can control your timing.

I don’t mean to sound like some kind of sci-fi nut but what the Golf Metronome Pro helps you do is almost like controlling time itself. You can virtually slow it down or speed it up.

That means you can take your time to swing the golf club. So you swing with true consistency. And that means less hurried, more accurate shots.

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