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Square Up to Your Target Line Every Time You Practice.
SetRight Training Aid
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SetRight Training Aid
SetRight Training Aid

SetRight Training Aid

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With the Set Right, you simply snap in two clubs at a 90 degree angle. (There are clips on both sides of the Set Right disc so the clubs snap in easily.) Then you point one club toward the target and place the ball where the other one is pointing. You've got your ball positioned perfectly and your feet aligned correctly. Every time.

Learn how this Training Aid can improve your golf game.

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Small wonder.

This thing is small enough to fit right in your pocket or your bag. Itís lightweight and a snap (literally) to set up. So it's no big deal to whip it out and use it on the range and then throw it back in your bag when youíre done.

(We tend to focus on training aids that are small, simple and easy to use here at PurePoint because we know if they're big, heavy and a pain to use, you wonít use 'em. I know I wouldn't.)

This little Set Right is the first training aid I've seen that will allow you to check both the alignment of your body and where the ball is in your stance.

Now, after a while, you'll find that you donít need the Set Right to line up to your target. You'll have practiced alignment enough so that it comes automatically.

And if you find your shots drifting to the right or left again, the Set Right will be there in your bag ready to get you back on line.

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to master the fundamentals of alignment. Especially since the Set Right is so doggone inexpensive.

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