PurePoint Golf - The Swing Key (Left Handed)

Get your wrist in the right position every time you take back the club
The Swing Key (Left Handed)
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The Swing Key (Left Handed)

The Swing Key (Left Handed)

$ 34.97

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Could this simple wrist brace help you master the swing that made Ben Hogan the greatest ball striker in the history of golf? Find out for yourself risk free. (Left-Handed Version)

Learn more about how this training aid can improve your game.

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Will the Swing Key have you playing like Hogan? I can�t promise that but I am convinced that with the Swing Key... You�ll be hitting further and more accurately than ever before or I�ll send your money back. How can such a simple looking thing possibly deliver that? It�s because the Swing Key gives you that �delayed hit� that Hogan worked so hard to develop. And that means... Greater distance and more consistent accuracy.

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