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Set your swing exactly right every time you practice!
The Swingyde
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The Swingyde
The Swingyde

The Swingyde

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The Swingyde helps you set your swing on the perfect arc every time you practice. Each time you take the club back, the Swingyde contacts your forearm and lets you know that you're on the correct angle. By practicing with this training, your swing will make more consistent impact with the ball. And consistent impact leads to more distance, straighter shots and lower scores.

Learn how this Training Aid can help you improve your golf game.

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Reviewed By: Matti           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2009-01-12 08:12:37

Excellent Swingyde
It has been the tremendous help for me and my kids.

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Additional Information

Iíve always said that if you get your club to the top of your backswing on plane, youíve got an 80% chance of getting it back down on plane and of hitting the ball squarely.

Do that often enough, and youíve just about solved your swing problems. Not to mention those annoying problems with distance and accuracy.

The Swingyde helps you do all that.

It does it by making sure youíre set properly at the top of the swing and maintaining the correct arc and swing plane on the downswing.

Not only will the Swingyde help you with a perfect swing plane, it helps correct club face alignment. All it takes is a simple turn to the left or right to take care of your hooks or slices.

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