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PurePoint Golf - Taly MIND Set

Get a mental reference point for every step of the golf swing with the Taly MIND Set
Taly MIND Set
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Taly MIND Set

Taly MIND Set

$ 79.99

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The MIND Set® from TALY® is the revolutionary mechanical device for improving your performance in golf. The MIND Set introduces an engineered mental reference point for your golf swing called a Talynt® point in the form of a red ball. Your Talynt point takes the emphasis away from your physical ability and brings it to the mental level. Once you accept the unique approach of using a Mental Reference Point to free your thoughts, your golf swing will become intuitive, natural, and consistently accurate.

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Additional Information

The Taly Company was developed to raise the bar on scoring and increase people's enjoyment of sport. The company brings a revolutionary approach to the world of athletics; one that breaks through the mental barrier and unleashes the next level of performance.

Founded by Taly Williams, the company’s mission is to take sport to a new, heightened dimension where people score with confidence by trusting their talent.

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