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PurePoint Golf - Hybrid DVD

Running Time: 1 hour 7 minutes
Fill your gaps and replace those fairway woods!
Hybrid DVD
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Hybrid DVD
Hybrid DVD
Hybrid DVD
Hybrid DVD
Hybrid DVD

Hybrid DVD

$ 42.00

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One of the most popular questions I get is "what hybrids should I buy?" The answer isn't standard for every golfer. You've got to find the gaps in your distances and replace the right clubs. Then you've got to swing these hybrids right. This new DVD will show you how.

Learn how this DVD can help you improve your golf game.

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Additional Information

The one DVD you absolutely must have if you're even considering a new hybrid.

Hybrid DVD

It's all the information you could possibly need ... all in one place. Unbiased information, too. Unlike that you might get from the companies who make clubs. (You really can't blame them for being biased toward their own products.)

You see, we're not trying to sell you any particular brand of club. We just want you to have all the facts. And to know what to look for if you're looking to buy.

Then, if you decide to buy one club or a whole set, you've got our top teaching pro Bobby Eldridge right there on your screen showing you how to use your hybrids to maximum advantage.

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chapter list

• Definition
• Shopping Around
• Shaft
• Grip
• Mechanics
• Situations
• Types of Lies

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