PurePoint Golf - Putting Performance DVD

Running Time: 54 minutes
Make putts with the confidence of a seasoned pro.
Putting Performance DVD
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Putting Performance DVD
Putting Performance DVD
Putting Performance DVD
Putting Performance DVD

Putting Performance DVD

$ 57.00

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PurePoint Golf has developed a unique putting method to alleviate the most common issues the average golfer has while putting. Just watch the DVD sample below to learn about this extraordinary putting method that will have you hitting the ball with the confidence of a tour pro.

Learn more about how this DVD can improve your game.

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Product Reviews

Reviewed By: Dan           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2007-12-20 13:41:12

Great Golf Instruction
This was a really good dvd. It comes highly recommended from me, and I am about a 15 handicap. I learned a lot. It was over an hour long and packed with lots of good info on putting. My putting stoke has definitely changed for the better

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Additional Information

In this DVD, Bobby Eldridge, the PurePoint™ Golf Head Professional, will take you through our unique system for putting a golf ball with accuracy and consistency. Once you know these secrets, you’ll be able to fix alignment and distance problems that plague most golfers for life - literally overnight.

Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

•Our unique putting address and set-up
•The cross-handed grip versus the conventional putting grip
•Our 2-Step Putting Backswing Process
•The downswing
•Ways to ensure proper impact
•Our unique follow-through
•Faults and Cures – with corrective actions
•Green reading
•Bold versus lag putting

chapter list

•Follow Through
•Green Reading
•Mental Preparation
•Faults and Cures
•Correct Putter for You
•The System

video sample

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