PurePoint Golf - The Short Game DVD

Running Time: 1 hour 9 minutes
Hit all your pitch and chip shots within 5 feet of the pin by using this simple short game method.
The Short Game DVD
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The Short Game DVD
The Short Game DVD
The Short Game DVD
The Short Game DVD

The Short Game DVD

$ 47.00

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The Short Game DVD will show you in simple terms how to strike the golf ball consistently inside 100 yards. Most weekend golfers have their most trouble around the pin. Take away the fear and apprehension by building confidence and knowledge with our simple short game golf swing method.

Learn more about how this DVD can improve your game.

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Product Reviews

Reviewed By:           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2008-04-08 07:41:01

Reviewed By: cg           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2008-05-05 11:41:54

got this dvd 4 weeks ago big improvemet in my short game still not knocking the ball stone dead but at least im hitting the green now.Just about to order the driving dvd hoping for the same results.

Reviewed By: Dan           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2008-06-12 09:28:35

Great video
This is the best dvd purepoint offers. It's the right length. It covers the basics, and teaches their theories very well.

Reviewed By: Boone           Rating:
Reviewed On: 2008-07-20 19:48:50

Great Instructions
Bought this DVD to help with my short game. The first round I played after watching video I CHIPPED IN TWICE!!!!!!!

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Additional Information

Contains top caliber instruction to achieve perfect control in your short game. Learn to control the tempo of the swing, the best stance for short pitches and chips, the best alignment, and club selection.

The Short Game will teach you to:

•Place your ball within feet of the pin from over 40 yards out
•Master your chosen wedge like the pros
•Force your body into a 100% predictable, consistent swing

chapter list

•Chipping and Pitching Defined
•Short Game Grip
•Short Game Setup
•Short Game Review
•Bunker Shots
•Lob Shots
•Short Game Lies

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